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“Dr. Laura has been an extraordinary, supportive, knowledgeable inspiration in my journey of self-exploration. I have seen therapists all my life and Dr. Laura has helped me anchor into myself at a level I never knew existed. She has a way of listening and truly hearing what I needed; even though I had the answers somehow I seemed to get lost in my own self deprivation without her direction. She has helped me tap into the mindfulness of my own being and to find the courage to begin the journey toward self-acceptance and self-love. She has facilitated stronger communications between myself and others even in the absence of their physical presence. I am learning to cultivate the relationships I have to my feelings and have begun to accept all the unique pieces of me, flaws and all. I think of who I am now; where I have been and where I am striving to go. I realize what a miraculous person Dr. Laura is and know she has been brought into my life for a reason. I am forever grateful and truly blessed more than words could ever express.” –OMT; Port St. Lucie, FL



“Dr. Laura has literally helped us to save our marriage.  We came to see her when things were really bad and my husband and I had lost hope that we would be able to work things out.  In just a few sessions there was a noticable shift in our relationship and our communication started to improve.  In just a few months, we have grown so much closer.  It has been quite a ride but R and I feel so connected now.  We are falling in love all over again.   Thank you, thank you, thank you!”   R & R, Delray Beach



“Dr. Laura Zipris is a great listener and she is sensitive to your needs. She has helped me tap into a part of myself that I did not know existed. The part that could love and appreciate not only the world around me but my own self. The self that was never good enough, never ‘right’. I could not have imagined that I would have the ability to challenge my negative thoughts but that’s exactly what I do everyday. I am very thankful to her.”

S.I.-, Coconut Creek, FL