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Executive Coaching, Job Coaching, and Career Development Services


  • Are you are a seasoned executive looking to improve leadership skills and increase influence?
  • Are you a professional wanting to reinvent or advance your career?
  • Are you looking to execute a smooth transition into your new role?
  • Are you confused as to what to do next on your career path?
  • As a high potential employee, have you been told that you need to improve areas of functioning such as: productivity, accountability, team work and/or communication?


Dr. Zipris offers a targeted, short term approach, tailored specifically to address your own unique needs, challenges, and desires. Using both formal and informal assessments, Dr. Zipris will work with you to create a Transition Effectiveness Plan that will guide your coaching experience and help you develop necessary skills, gain insights, increase self-awareness, and achieve transformational change.


For more information about these coaching services, please call Dr. Zipris at 561-558-7815 or email her at [email protected].